The first day in Uganda – Saturday

Already the first day was full with activity. After a only 2h sleep and short breakfast, there was a welcome of all participants, followed by a trip to the slums of Kampala (capital of Uganda). There we visited in a group of 10 some of the Compassion Child Development Centers. The Kids welcomed us with some dances, songs and games for the Mzungus (African term for the whites). After that we visited one kid “at home” in the Slum. “The home”, if it can be called like that, was a wood made cottage of 3x2.5m, where they lived with 5 persons. A woman and 4 boys. 2 of the boys were sons of the woman and the two others were sons of the sister of the woman. Together with the woman we sit in front of her cottage (rented for 15$/month) and talked with her about her challenges in live.



Below you get some pictures of the day.

A total different view. Our Hotel, one of the best in Uganda. Right on the water's edge of the lake victoria