.... if this in General can be made so early. Why did I run this Muskathlon? Because of sports? No, this was just a means to an and. I was about the children living in Africa and other parts of the world.


Through the Muskathlon in Uganda found 1288 children a sponsor and additional 650.00 Euro were donated! WOW!


Also you contributed to that! I thank you from the bottom of my heart!


All participants came to the same conclusion. It was worth to do extreme dedication against extreme poverty. We were able with your help, to release those children from extreme poverty. With that, we gave them, their families and their surroundings hope. All Muskathlets will continue their activities to help children in poverty. We saw and learned, that the helps receive the needed and we have experienced, how it change the live of those children. But there are still so many children in need. Let’s do it, according to the slogan of Compassion: One child after the other.


Greetings from Africa